Freshcotton Online Fashion Store

FreshCotton presents a wide variety of exclusive designer clothing. The store is the No. 1 online fashion store in Europe. FreshCotton is located in Amsterdam and is bringing you Amsterdam Lifestyle since 2001.

Freshcotton is the shop that brings streetwear in the Netherlands on the map. What began in 2001 as an online address for printed t-shirts has grown into a shop with an extensive and diverse range of menswear, footwear and accessories that the label “streetwear” is transcendental. FreshCotton about new and innovative labels, eye for emerging trends and a penchant for clothes an above average quality.

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Freshcotton departments

FreshCotton is separated in two departments, The Selected Shop and the online Streetwear Store. The Selected Shop offers you a fine selection of designer brands from all over the world. While the Street Store is packed with the best Streetwear Brands. Shop online at FreshCotton, it’s easy and secure.

Under Street you will find the clothing where it has become big FreshCotton: affordable streetwear from the best brands on the planet. Printed tees, a large collection of sneakers from brands like Vans and Converse and the huge range of caps and beanies find within the Street shop. The Selected segment continues where Street stops. Find more dressed styles that fit into adult life. Within this segment you will find for example the subtle collections of our Scandinavian labels, items with a long history of classic brands such as Clarks and Filson and exclusive lines of the brand Vans, Carhartt and Gant. In Selected prices are often somewhat higher than those in Street, but this is always relative to the high quality of the products.