Nanamica Herringbone Cycling Pack

nanamica cycling pack Nanamica Herringbone Cycling Pack

I had my eye on this one for quite some time. The Nanamica Herringbone Cycling Pack recently landed on my doorstep. I was lucky to see that The Bureau Belfast still had it in stock at the time. I’ve been using the bag for almost two weeks now and I can tell it’s an amazing bag that’s totally worth the price. The Nanamica Cycling Pack is made of quality materials and has some nice features.

Nanamica is a contemporary Japanese brand, and their Japanese sensibilities really shine through their use of detailing, fabric choices, execution of quality and the far more fashion forward stance of the brand.

Guess this guy will be with me for a very long time. See the photos of the Nanamica Herringbone Cycling bag in the full post.

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